Element Case Vapor Pro ELITE for iPhone 4/4S Unboxing and Hands-on Review

Element Case Vapor Pro Elite rangeElement Case has just introduced the Vapor Pro ELITE line of iPhone 4/4S bumper cases that literally takes the popular Vapor Pro case to a whole new level.

The all new Vapor Pro ELITE draws it’s design elements from the company’s successful Vapor Pro case but, being their new flagship range, adds even more neat touches.

The ELITE ranges introduces a machined out RF insert and the frame of the case has a trussed section instead of the slots on the side found in the Vapor Pro.

Two of the 4 four models will have a new nickel plating, exotic wood RF inserts, and leather back plates.

The limited edition cases are available in four different models and with three different finishes, each “carefully built with certified exotic wood, special hard plating and buttery soft leather”.

The ELITE cases feature a new CNC grip detail, which reduces weight and provides improved grip. Each case also includes a $45 value transit kit containing a screen protector, a zipper case and a Vapor speed wrench. Every Vapor Pro ELITE case is exclusively Made in the USA.

The version I was sent to review was the black and gold model – they must’ve known that the others wouldn’t have suited my wardrobe 😉

This is luxury ninja stuff. The satin black type 3 military spec “hard” anodizing on the frame makes it look like it means business – not to mention that it looks good, feels good and wears good.

The package comes with a soft black leather back plate and ear pad kit for that luxurious and comfy leather feel. The nice touches of bling from the gold plated power button and screws add to the premium look and feel of the ELITE case.

The full range is made up of:

Black/Gold ($169.99) – Features a soft black leather back plate and ear pad kit, gold plated power button and screws, and a CNC machined aerospace polymer RF insert.

Frost White ($169.99) – The soft silver glow of this case come from our proprietary Flux Finish™. The leather back plate and ear pad kit is soft white leather and the RF bridge is a translucent, CNC machined aerospace polymer.

Nickel Brown ($179.99) – Features a nickel plated perimeter frame and comes with an anodized brown power button, rich dark leather back plate, ear pad kit and a genuine Ziricote certified wood RF bridge.

Nickel Cream ($179.99) – Features nickel plated perimeter frame and comes with a silver button, soft cream colored leather back plate and ear pad kit and a light colored genuine Chechen certified wood RF bridge.

Element Case Vapor Pro ELITE Review

The Element Case Vapor Pro ELITE does look and feel good. Thanks to the RF insert I have not noticed any drop in signal strength or connectivity.

I love the little touches like the gold-plated screws and the fact that you get two spare ones fitted in the ‘Speed Wrench’.

If I was to have a grumble it would be that the cut-out for the mute switch on the side is quite snug at the top end. for the iPhone 4. I realise that this was repositioned on the 4S and their owners would not have this tiny quibble.

Also, that price. $169 is still on the wrong side of £100 – you do get a well crafted protective jacket for your iPhone but I can see a few people baulking at that RRP – but then, that’s what makes it ELITE and a luxury case for your Apple phone.

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