Electrically heated Thinsulate gloves hands-in review

heated gloves batteryThe recent cold snap has actually been useful for me as it has given me the chance to test out these heated gloves.

If your bonfire night usually consists of hugging a baked spud and Christmas is generally spent freezing your digits off then you may need to add a pair of heated gloves for men on to your list to Santa. They also do lady’s sizes too, by the way.

This pair of electrically heated gloves are just what’s needed now that the mornings and nights are getting colder – even the middle bit isn’t too warm – but these heated gloves will keep your pinkies warm right down to -20 degrees C.

Slip in a size D battery in to each Thinsulate-packing glove and they’ll reach optimum operating temperature within a few minutes and keep your delicate hands toasty for hours afterwards.

The gloves have a nice, comfy cuff and are nice and padded. The palm and underside of the fingers have a grippy surface so your coffee or mulled beverage wont slip through your hands. I’d be confident in wearing these in the deepest and bleakest of midwinters.

heated gloves batteryIf you’re not facing the Tundra just yet then, the fleece lining will keep your hands at room temperature, while a spot of rain won’t hamper your progress, since the gloves are fashioned from a water-resistant outer material.

If I were to change a couple of things it would be for them to be powered by less conspicuous cells and perhaps endow the fingerts with touchscreen-friendly tips – other than that, a total bargain at £11.99.

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