Electric Unicycle / TT Racer Hybrid

UnoAlmost a year ago a couple of clever Canadian teen-scientists built an odd electric bike which was like the cool brother of the Segway and based on the frame design of a Yamaha R6 sports bike.

Ben Gulak and Jason Morrow have been very busy Canuks since then.

Motorcycle Mojo now reports that the third incarnation of the Uno has recently made its debut at the 2008 National Motorcycle Show in Toronto and it was sporting some custom-made wheels, a new body, and a few changes under the hood as well.

The most important update involved a trip to a robotics and gyro expert in California who helped fine tune the two gyros that the Uno uses for turning and forward and backward motion (told you it was important!).

There’s still no word as to when or if the vehicle might actually enter production but it keeps getting better – and more terrifying.