Electric Taxi Comes To London

The headline isn’t the announcement of a new Pro-Rock group gigging in the capital but the dawning of the electric black cab.

The iconic TX4 (London Black Cab) taxis that fly up and down the streets of London are going to be getting an overhaul.

In the interest of reducing costs, improving air quality, and replacing the aging fleet, they’ll be introducing new TX4 E electric taxi starting in early 2009.

I can only imagine the death-toll on London’s streets as Taxis get ‘silent mode’….GULP! 😮

Pricing hasn’t been settled as yet but these new taxis will running on LiFePO4 batteries by the sounds of things.

This means that the fuel cost will be around 3p per mile - but still budget to pay a quid a minute before midnight and/or crossing the river………

RegHardware via CrunchGear