ElectraPole Seeks Publisher – Wii Pole Dancing

wii_pole_dancingRemember Peekaboo Pole Dancing’s Electrapole?

It’s the Carmen Electra-branded pole dancing kit I wrote about back in April.

Well, it sounds like the crunch has hit this interesting title.

Personally I reckon people are saving their cash for the real deal instead of investing in the Wii version 😉

So it seems that Peekaboo Pole Dancing is left with no publisher to make it happen.

A representative from the group said,

“We have not managed to tie up a deal for this yet but we still remain hopeful. We have, however, connected with a company that is manufacturing a peripheral product and we are investigating mutual publishing opportunities. Please feel free to give a shout out to any developers or publishers who want to give this a crack. [The game] just needs someone with a little nerve.”

Is there anyone out there willing to take a chance?

Can I be there for the release party?