EGX Rezzed – Punk and Lizard’s PS4 and PS Vita highlights

EGXRezzedLogoEGX Rezzed hit Birmingham’s NEC this weekend showcasing not only the latest Playstation 4 blockbusters, but also the onslaught of imminent PS Vita releases heading our way. EGX Rezzed was the place to be.

An incredible wave of UK talent was in abundance this year as FuturLab, Curve Studios, Team17, Eiconic Games and Roll7 all showcased their soon to be released games. We also discovered a gem of an indie developer called Mixed Bag Games, but more on those guys later. We were there to get all the news and latest footage, some of which can be see here for the first time…

First off we hooked up with Eiconic Games, who were showcasing their forthcoming RTS game Final Horizon, which is coming to both PS Vita and PS4. David Pollard (CEO from Eiconic) ran through the finer details with us while Si (Creative Art Director) also talked us through the PS Vita version. Check out the video below to see what we have to look forward to in the coming months:

[youtube id=”QrNem9exooE”]

Roll7’s critically acclaimed PS Vita release OlliOlli belted out grinds and tricks at an alarming rate but this time – it’s on the PS4. With the DS4 in hand OlliOlli looked big, bright and bold on the big screen. Tom, Director of Roll7 explains more about OlliOlli on the PS4 and what to expect:

[youtube id=”eS-gEeLFr9g”]

Curve Digital have treated PS Vita players with an array of totally different experiences on the handheld and this weekend was no different. Rob Clarke, PR manager and guru is a seasoned pro. If you’ve ever had the privilege of attending one of Curve’s release launch dates or met the main man in person, then you’ll understand the level of passion and knowledge he has. Titan Attacks is part of Curve’s latest upcoming PS Vita and PS4 release, which is a nod to old school Space Invaders, Moon Cresta and Galaga. Rob demonstrates the game below and gets our intergalactical juices flowing. Titan Attacks (part of the Titan Invasion package) will conquer I’m sure.

[youtube id=”3OqOpe0w9ms”]

Curve also have MouseCraft coming out in May on PS Vita. The game looks gorgeous and features over 50 levels across five different locations. Here, Rob runs through a few levels and brings on the cheese…

[youtube id=”ECyxb1rKsaM”]

Curve also showcased the incredibly epic looking The Swapper which was first released on PC last year. This was definitely one of the best looking games on show at the expo. A hub up of activity around the Curve stand proves these guys deliver unique PlayStation gaming that excite everybody. We’ll be bringing more on The Swapper over the next few weeks.

FuturLab gave us all a treat with Velocity 2X, while we wait for the finished product it’s showing here just reiterated that it is all set to be an adrenaline fuelled visual masterpiece.

Dennaton and Devolver Digital proudly showcased Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, another huge release coming soon. From what we played so far the game is very much more of the same, which is perfect because we absolutely loved the original. Get ready for some more neon brutality!

Not many games have survived as long as Worms and now Worms Battlegrounds comes to Playstation 4. We hooked up with Bethany from Team 17 who showed us what to expect and how the DS4 controller performs.

[youtube id=”t2ai2Hd5bG4″]

Murdered: Soul Suspect had everyone talking. A supernatural detective thriller that got everyone’s head turning. The light, shadows and shading were impressive, and Square Enix’s visual feast can’t come soon enough. Alien: Isolation was epic, a thrilling survival horror from Creative Assembly. This game took centre stage and was one of the day’s must see games. If you want cold sweats and racing hearts, then this is for you. Alien: Isolation hits PlayStation 4 October 7th!

Tucked away in the Leftfield Collection we found an absolute gem of a game – well two to be precise. Here we had the fortunate experience of meeting Mauro Fanelli, co founder of Mixed Bag Games, a small indie developer from Turin, Italy. Here we were treated to two beautiful games; forma.8 and Futuridium EP Deluxe.

Both completely different games and both totally captivating. If you liked TxKon the PS Vita, then Futuridium will simply blow you away. A fast paced, clever and extremely sharp looking retro shooter that I know is going to excite PS Vita and PS4 gamers worldwide.

In Futuridium EP Deluxe you need to destroy cubes that are scattered throughout different worlds. The game reminded me of when I first discovered Wipeout, Futuridium is one game I could have easily put in my pocket and left a happy man. Mauro told us Futuridium EP Deluxe hits PS Vita in the next few months.

Their next game, forma8, instantly creates its own emotion. You play as a tiny exploration probe stranded on the surface of an alien planet. A game to totally emurse yourself into with an expansive world to explore. You start the game with no power, no weapons and no hint of what to do – it’s up to you to explore the planet and discover the story. Epic! forma8 hits Playstation later in the year Mauro told us, so we’ll just have to hold tight on that one. In the meantime, check out Mauro from Mixed Bag demonstrating both games for us:

[youtube id=”eJ3UKak4WTs”]

Two other releases we are excited about are Wolfenstein: The New Order, a game widely recognized for pioneering the first-person shooter genre and futuristic biker Trials Fusion. Both coming to PlayStation real soon. See you at Eurogamer 2014! (and of course we always leave the building Punk and Lizard style)…


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