Egochine has Razor Sharp Looks for the King of Shaves

Well, I reckon that the days of bland-looking but ecologically lovely cars is behind us.

If you check out the latest breed of electro and hybrid autos you can see that green is no-longer the only selling point.

The likes of AMG, Jaguar and Lotus (albeit sporting a Tesla badge) are leading the way but this retro-futurist design by freelancer Paolo De Giusti is on my wish list.

Once you get over the Gillette school of design looks and realise that Paolo took styling leads from the 1920’s icons of Isotta Fraschini you realise what a great luxury car this could be.

The aptly named Egochine B (let’s face it – shy and retiring it is not) is powered by four air-cooled electric motors powered by a mid-mounted hydrogen cell – this would take this single-seater over the 190mph mark – leaving Ferrari’s Spider F1 playing catch-up.

I’m guessing that this wouldn’t be so great on the twisty stuff or for zipping through the commuter traffic as the Egochine B is seven metres long and three metres wide!

It would, however, get you noticed – just remember to bring money for a taxi if you happen to catch someone’s eye.

Before heading out in this eco-speedster I’d need to get a quick wash and brush up – if I could afford the Egochine I’d definitely be employing the barber services of Diane Wood. Who is she? Just watch the video below where she plays the part of Barbarella X 😉

Keep checking back for Paolo’s work once his site is finished 🙂

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