eGlove XTREME keep your hands warm and allows for touchscreen navigation – Hands in review

eglove xtreme palmThe bite of winter has definitely made its presence felt and there’s nothing more annoying than getting your hands nice and toasty only to have to stick them back out in to the frosty air to work your touchscreen device. Thank goodness then for the eGlove XTREME range.

I have been wearing a pair of the eGlove XTREME gloves over the past couple of weeks and, I have to say, have been thankful that I have.

As most of the UK had been under the icy grip as a precursor of the ‘Beast from the East‘ I was feeling rather smug having my hands nicely protected by a pair of eGloves.

I had tested some heated gloves not so long ago and they’re great – their main downfall being you have to slip out a hand in order to work your touchscreen phone or tablet. Not so with the eGlove.

As well as being designed for sub zero temperatures you are able to operate your smartphone using the special conductive thumb and forefinger pads to answer a call, take a picture, use your apps or send a text with pin-point accuracy.

eglove xtreme towelling stripThe eGloves are made from a smooth fleece fabric but also have a couple of neat features. For one, there’s a strip of toweling which runs between half of the forefinger to thumb in order to remove any sweat from your brow when the going gets tough.

I have had a few gloves where my hands are wonderfully catered for but my wrists are left out in the cold. The XTREME is designed with a double depth fabric that gives them a nice snug fit and the cuff is long enough to tuck under your jacket.

The neat detailing of the super-grip silicon palms and digits not only look a tad Tron-like, they also prevent your smartphone or tablet slipping out of your warm hands.

The eGlove XTREME are comfortable and as accurate as you can be wearing gloves. I found navigating my iPhone 4 a little tricky to start with but, after a while, I was able to ping off texts and select the music I wanted without too much frustration.

I like the fact that eGloves come with a 12 month defect guarantee too.

The eGlove XTREME cost £19.99 and are a great Christmas gift for you or someone equally gadgety 😉

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