EE 4G UK tariffs officially released

ee uk 4gEE 4G UK prices have now been officially revealed after the non-leak which hit the interwebs yesterday.

If you’ve been salivating at the prospect of having highspeed broadband piped through your mobile device here in the UK and, let’s face it, who hasn’t? Then slip on your goggles and hold on tight, as EE has now announced its tariffs.

In order acheive home broadband speeds through your smartphone or tablet it isn’t quite as scary as I thought.

EE 4G, the company which is made up of Orange and T-Mobile, starts at £36 per month for a tariff with 500MB of data and unlimited calls and texts and goes up to £56 per month for a huge 8GB of data allowance. All the tariffs are 24-month deals. Here’s the full low down:

ee 4g monthly plan

So, is this a good deal?

Well, the £36 entry level tariff is just about average as far as most other 3G tariffs go which is fair enough. But, I for one find the 500MB data cap a tad frustrating and would easily sprint past that if it wasn’t for my Wi-Fi hook ups.

Surely, with 4G power the temptation to browse, sling larger emails around and play more videos online would be huge – and, more importantly, the whole point of 4G?

Will you be getting your best sprinting pants on or are you happy with 3G?

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