Edifier Lunar Eclipse Bluetooth TV / PC speakers review

edifier lunar eclipse speakers reviewWhether you’re looking to boost the sound quality from your thin-panelled television or are in the market for some good quality PC speakers, looks are still going to be important. I have been sent a set of Edifier Luna Eclipse e25 speakers which look as though they could work both duties just as easily. They’ve even the bonus of being Bluetooth receivers too!

There are myriad speakers out there that would fit the brief of livingroom/computer speakers. The Lunar Eclipse speakers from Edifier have the distinct advantage of being equipped with quite striking looks but is that enough for you design-conscious lot?

Edifier Lunar Eclipse speakers design

You just know by looking at these speakers that someone at Edifier cared about how these would look.

The speaker design seems to borrow equal parts from futuristic helmets and a battle station from the Death Star school of warfare. Come to think of it, the back of them does bear more than a passing resemblance to the helmet of the Imperial Gunners. As well as being eye-catching there’s practical reasoning behind the design.

The baffle up front has a smooth rubbery texture whilst the tweeter is protected from getting poked by errant digits by a bar. The opening at the rear is supported by a short metallic column which is not only there to do a job, it adds a nice touch to the finished design.

The speakers are connected to the source by a cable running from the right-hand speaker, which also houses the amp as well as touch-sensitive controls on the case. I discovered, quite by accident, that swiping across these buttons will let you change track when you’re using the speakers in Bluetooth mode.

edifier lunar eclipse pair front rear and remoteConnectivity is by way of a 3.5mm socket and DC-in jack for power. There is then a propriety 6-pin cable that links the left speaker with the right one.

Also included in the bundle is a neat little silver three button remote.

Overall, the look and feel of the Edifier Lunar Eclipse is one of modernity and class. The piano black finish of the ones I have been sent to review looks very exclusive and sits well with my Hi-Fi set up as well as my desktop PC.

Edifier Lunar Eclipse speakers performance

Those shiny cabinets are each loaded with a ¾-inch silk dome tweeter and 3.5-inch midrange driver. The low-end is taken care of by two 3-inch full range bass drivers which can just be seen through the speakers’ slit toward the back. These face each other from the top and bottom which, interestingly, places the two radiators 180 degrees out of phase with each other. The design works incredibly well, but more on that later.

The Lunar Eclipse e25’s amp slips each tweeter with 15 watts and each midrange driver with 22 watts for a total system power rating of 74 watts.

edifier lunar eclipse bluetooth speakerBefore wiring the e25s up to my telly I hooked them up to my NVIDIA Shield tablet via Bluetooth in order to squirt some Tidal tunes over to them. This was very simple and only took a few seconds to complete the pairing.

I picked an album at random just to see if everything was working. As ‘Part of the Process’ by Morcheeba started I was surprised by how well balanced these little speakers appeared to be. The layered guitars and fiddles wove in and out of each other as the simple drum track played under Skye’s vocals. Nothing was fighting for position.

Turning to Miles Davis and ‘Blue in Green’ the piano had a nice richness with the Miles’ trumpet cutting through brightly. The bass had a nice mellow warmth and presence.

Plugging in my Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro and slinging on a mixture that included PiL, Senser and Korn it became apparent that the Edifiers could do with a little more in the bass range. They are not light in the bottom-end by any means, but I can imagine some wanting more, especially the type of buyer who favours Beats headphones.

Whilst still hooked up to my Ultrabook I thought I’d test the Lunar Eclipse speakers with some films.

edifier lunar eclipse portsDialogue was nice and clear with effects, on the whole, possessing decent weight. Thanks to the balanced soundstage, panning audio was accurate and immersive.

Plugging the speakers directly in to my 47-inch Panasonic telly I could tell that they were helping fatten out what I normally would get from the television alone. Unfortunately, the TV could go louder than the speakers, which I had just attached via the headphone port of the flatscreen.

Moving the speakers up to my office and desktop computer I particularly liked them when playing Project Cars and Mortal Combat. Saying that though, they did manage to unnerve me when playing Left 4 Dead. Those blummin witches get me every time!

Edifier Lunar Eclipse speakers review conclusion

These relatively small ovoid speakers do punch above their weight, both in how they look and how they sound.

They manage to reproduce an impressive soundstage as well as kick out enough volume to fill an average-sized room.

edifier speaker reviewThe build quality of the speakers is better than I was expecting, if I am being honest, and the attention to design is remarkable.

I can see the Edifier Lunar Eclipse making their elegant presence felt as part of an office or bedroom system or to compliment a computer set up.

With the added bonus of Bluetooth connectivity they could even sneak in to your main room if you mainly listen to streamed sounds.

Edifier Lunar Eclipse speakers price

The Lunar Eclipse e25 are available in black, white and red and can be purchased now for £118 (black) on Amazon.co.uk.

Edifier Lunar Eclipse specification
  • Total power output: 15W x 2 + 22W x 2
  • THD + N: 10% SNR: greater or equal to 85dBA
  • Input sensitivity: 600mV ± 50mV
  • Frequency response: 50Hz ~ 20 kHz (± 6dB)
  • Tweeter unit: 19mm silk dome magnetically shielded, 6 ohm
  • Speaker unit: Tweeter/Mid-range: 19mm, 4 ohm/ 4 inch (116mm) 6 ohm
  • Passive driver: 3 inch
  • Dimension: 122 x 212 x 222mm (W x H x D)
  • Weight: 3.6Kg net | 4.15Kg gross