Edifier Aurora 2.1 Speakers – Small but Powerful and Colourful

If you’re looking for something that will give your portable audio a boost and yet small enough not to make an impact on your luggage allowance perhaps a quick glance at Edifier’s new colourful 2.1 Aurora system.

As the 2.1 suggests the set-up comprises of a tubular subwoofer and two miniature golf-ball satellites.

The Aurora has been designed for PC use but because of its diminutive size it makes for a handy companion for your lappy or MP3 player thanks to it’s 3.5mm mini-jack port.

Don’t let its size fool you thought – this mini marvel is capable of chucking out 22 Watts of raw power through the stereo balls alone.  To get more depth add in that bass unit which is loaded with a 2-inch, magnetically sealed woofer.

If you are of the more fashion concious persuasion just take a look this list of colours you get to chose from: Asphalt Grey, Electric Blue, Liquid Silver, Luminous Yellow, Midnight Blue, Passion Pink, Spicy Red, Stormy Black, Tangy Orange, and the award for most odd name going to Original Red.

Yup – none of your new reds here.  This is the first, the best, the classic, the original red.

Pick your colour and dish out £49.99 to Amazon now.

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