Ecovacs Deebot OZMO 610 vacuum cleaner review

Ecovacs Deebot OZMO 610


Build Quality






Ease of Use





  • Vac and mop!
  • Alexa voice control
  • Less expensive than some competitors
  • Long battery life
  • Well built


  • Sometimes didn't quite make the dock

We review the Deebot OZMO 610 – the robot vacuum cleaner that also mops floors.

I am a bit houseproud. The rest of my life can be a shambles as long as I come home to a tidy house. Recently I have been letting the Ecovacs Deebot OZMO 610 take on most of the domestic duties. We have put a number of robovacs to work at Gadgety HQ over the years. However, the Deebot OZMO 610 is the first that will also take care of your wet work. Don’t worry; I don’t mean that it is also a trained killer. Instead, I mean to say that not only does it vacuum, it also mops.

Deebot OZMO 610 review

Robot vacuum cleaners are great things to have in your domestic arsenal. True, they cannot yet clean stairs or move furniture; however, for those in between cleans, having an automatic servant is fab.

Additionally, mopping the kitchen floor was also something that had to be done manually. Until now.

Deebot OZMO 610 design

ecovacs deebot OZMO 610

The OZMO 610 measures 35 x 35 x 7.9 cm and the model sent to GadgetyNews is white (with an additional kiss mark from the previous reviewer). The robovac is surrounded by a black bumper, and the onboard controls are ensconced in a long aluminium panel.

It comes bundled with a recharging dock as well as 2 microfiber mopping pads, a mop cloth plate and high-efficiency filter with sponge insert.

ecovacs deebot OZMO 610

The 610 uses a pair of rotating side brushes as well as V-shaped brush roller for vacuuming duties. When things get wet, you just need to swap out the central brush inlet for the other suction inlet.

The Deebot OZMO 610 in use

I was aware that there are robot vacs that also mop. The thing is, the ones I have seen require whipping out the dustbin to replace it with a water reservoir.

Ecovacs has taken the mop/vac combo and made it even easier to use.

ecovacs deebot OZMO 610

Additionally, the OZMO 610 hooks up to your Wi-Fi so that it can not only be paired to an app, you can also control it using Alexa. Also, it comes with a bundled remote control.

Thanks to the Deebot’s multiple sensors the vac is able to find its way around the downstairs easily. The HEPA filter keeps the smallest nasties in the vac, and its 0.6-inch clearance enables the vac to cross thresholds and hop onto thick rugs. Just make sure that any cables are out of its reach – I had a bit of a lamp incident.

ecovacs deebot OZMO 610

Robo vacs equipped with a mopping function tend to dribble droplets of water on the floor as they move. Either that or they spew an uneven flow of water. Not so this Ecovacs unit.

The built-in reservoir of the Deebot OZMO 610 holds 300 millilitres of water. This is managed by a smart electronic water pump that prevents leaks from occurring. Additionally, a small suite of sensors ensures that the vacuum’s mop mode only runs on hard floors. Finally, it keeps the microfiber mop pad from becoming saturated and therefore ineffective.

Clean sweep

The two side brushes help sweep debris into the vacuum where the collected bits enter the vacuum cleaner’s filtration system. Coarse particles are thrown into the 450-millilitre dustbin. Finer particles are captured by that carbon-layered HEPA filter and prevented from being released into the air.

There are a couple of ways you can control the robot vacuum from a distance.

Firstly, you can download the ECOVACS app on your smartphone. The user-friendly app allows you to set a timed schedule, choose a cleaning mode and keep track of the robot’s progress.

For hands-free control, you can use the robot vacuum with your Alexa-equipped smart speaker.

ecovacs deebot OZMO 610 review

For hands-on control, you can use the little remote control, or hitting the buttons on the vac. The easiest way is to select the Auto button on with the remote or cleaner.

There are four different cleaning modes to choose from. Auto mode sends the OZMO 610 off to in a logical pattern that is fast and efficient. The other functions are spot clean, edge cleaning and max suction. These options should cover all you’ll need.

Wet, smart and long lasting

The robot vacuum cleaner does well at avoiding obstructions and its wheels works on all surfaces. The OZMO 610 also managed to navigate around my spinning livingroom chair’s circular base.

The thick rug in my living room also posed no difficulty to the clever bot; nor did the raised threshold between that room and the kitchen.

Taking to the kitchen with its mopping skills and this is where I am totally sold. I was impressed by the 610’s carpet at hardwood cleaning chops, but the additional mopping makes it invaluable.

Stamina is also one of the Ecovacs plus points. The cleaner is fitted with a 3,000 mAh battery that converts to 110 minutes of run time when fully charge. When the OZMO gets tired, it’ll scuttle back to the dock. After a 3-4 hour nap, the vacuum cleaner is full and ready to go again.

Ozmo 610 review conclusion

The Ecovacs Deebot does a great job of vacuuming. It did have a couple of occasions where it didn’t dock properly, but a little nudge of my foot sorted that.  However, its floor mopping skills are enough to forgive it for missing lunch.

Additionally, the pricing also helps it wriggle into my heart. Now I understand why the previous reviewer gave it a big, red-lipsticked kiss.

Price and availability

You can buy the Ecovacs Deebot OZMO 610 now for £369.