Eclipse TD-M1 wireless speakers get Android control app

eclipse td-m1 blackApple users generally get a lot of the good stuff from Hi-Fi makers for whatever reason but, just before Christmas, Fujitsu Ten, the multi-billion-dollar global technology giant, added a free Android control app to the AirPlay TD-M1 desktop speaker system.

The Eclipse TD Remote app, as you have probably already worked out, has been designed to control the rather sexy, not to mention award winning, Eclipse TD-M1 speakers which are available in black or white from Hi-Fi retailers and the Apple stores.

You can download the Android app now for free from Google Play and, when linked up to the speakers via Wi-Fi, you will be able to control playback from an Android device, sort and display music on your ‘droid by genre, artist, album or song.

eclipse td appFrom the app you can also switch between power-on and network standby, adjust the volume, dim the speaker unit’s LEDs and set an auto-standby when there is no operation or signal input detected for a certain period of time.

eclipse td-m1 whiteThis sounds like the perfect addition to some already great looking speakers – these have been on my list to test out since I built my white PC and replaced my office desk and cabinets with white ones. Yes, I think that the white Eclipse TD-M1 would look at home there and, as an Android user, welcome the new app.