EchoStar Ultra Slim Box – The Thinnest HD FreeView Box HDT-610R

Echostar Ultra Slim Box HD-610R topLooking for something to add another 50 channels to your viewing quota without having to add another shelf under your telly? How about slipping something that’s not even 1.5cm thick on top of your Blu Ray player? Echostar’s Ultra Slim Box gets the award for thinnest FreeView box!

If you’re into watching broadcast TV the Freeview+ HD Ultra Slim Box, or HDT-610R if you want to get technical, will squirt subscription free programmes to your flatscreen without adding bulk to your system.

The slinky aluminium box will grant you access to 50 digital channels plus 4 in HD. You can pause or rewind live TV and record a complete series at the touch of a button using Series Link.

Measuring just 14mm thick Echostar has obviously concentrated, and are rightly pleased with, the design of their HDT-610R FreeView box but it is packed with functionality too!

The HD box has two DVB-T2 tuners for recording multiple shows at once – as well as internet connectivity to support smart TV features. It’s also got a 500GB hard disk and can record up to 300 hours of standard definition or 125 hours of high definition TV.

“We’re already inviting consumers to watch their TV anywhere and now we’re offering them the opportunity to own the slimmest digital TV recorder in the world. The Ultra Slim Box represents the coming of age for the DVR and is the perfect complement to the latest range of ultra slim TVs,” commented Rhod Williams, Senior Vice President and General Manager of EchoStar Europe.

The Echostar Ultra Slim box is equipped with an Ethernet port so you can access to Smart TV features including catch-up TV from the likes of BBC iPlayer and on-demand services such as BoxOffice365 and PictureBox – but not NetFlix.

“Consumers are looking forward to an exciting summer of sport and facing a packed viewing schedule, digital video recording will be one of the key features that viewers will be looking for”, said Ilse Howling, Managing Director of Freeview.

The Ultra Slim Box is available from Amazon, John Lewis and Maplin for about £260.


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