Ebay – No Negatives

I for one have bought loads on Ebay and sold quite a bit on there as well so when the change in fees was announced I was a little unsure and, as it turned out, rightly so.  These lower fees actually end up costing more for items sold – just a little lower if you are unlucky enough not to get a punter.  I suppose that’s fair.

But in an unusal move they have banned sellers from giving “negative” feedback on buyers. What’s THAT about?

The whole point of the feedback ratings was to inform the would people that they will acutually receive their goods, on time and as described – and that the buyer would pay equally promptly.

I know that there has been some instances where negative feedback to a seller has resulted in the buyer receiving the same, just out of spite and vice-versa – but in the larger picture all seems to have worked pretty well in my experience.

I can only assume that this move may hurt Ebay a little.