Easy to use gadgets for your home

There are so many gadgets and apps on the market, with some of them being a bit of a nightmare, with the set­up process, iffy apps, and a disconnected infrastructure, meaning you can spend hours trying to get them right. As with many technological advancements, true innovations are often one­-offs, which can also work as part of a wider set up. Here are some easy to use gadgets for your home.

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Long have gone the days of cumbersome stereos, and lots of trailing wires everywhere. There are lots of products on the market which offer multi­room music streaming so you have more flexibility as to what you would like to listen to, from the freedom of your mobile device. Sonos has long dominated the world wireless music streaming, enabling you to control you music, from an app, and send it anywhere, and everywhere in your house. It’s easy to set up and they have a range of high quality speakers, from pumping out big sound in the living room, to having background music in the kitchen.

There’s nothing more luxurious than being able to watch your favourite show in bed. Whether you’re having a Sunday morning lie­-in, or crashing after a hard day’s work companies, such as Bedstar, offer a range of TV Beds, and at the click of a button the TV smoothly travels out of the foot of the bed, with some models automatically even turning the television on for you! There are lots of stylish designs, in a range of contemporary fabric, and soft leather colours. You can select a model which perfectly matches your décor.

laptop home workingIf you’re at work all day, or go on regular holidays, and want to leave your home safe in the knowledge that it’s secure, then there’s a live video camera and app available, from Piper, where you can remotely observe any room in your home. A 180­degree camera gives you access to live video, at any time, from an app. It also can send you alerts when rooms are entered, or doors are opened, offers you a two-way audio, and can be linked to other home automation products, such as smart alarms and lights.

There are lots of cool gadgets for the kitchen, but a kitchen scales and app will help you make cooking a lot easier. The Drop Kitchen Scale has an app with a huge recipe book, which connects to the scales, and guides you through recipes, even adjusting the amounts if you find you don’t have enough of something. It makes baking less daunting, can save you time, and help you get the quantities exactly right,creating beautiful and delicious food.