Easy Doro

Swedish consumer electronics company Doro has launched the new Doro HandlePlus 324gsm and the Doro HandleEasy 326gsm.

The Doro HandlePlus 324gsm has only seven buttons, and is described as perfect for consumers with limited hand functionality or merely looking for a simpler alternative current consumer phones.


Doro says users can pre-programme five numbers for quick, easy and direct access to their social and support network at the push of just one button.The Doro HandleEasy 326gsm has four pre-programmable buttons, and includes additional features, such as a number pad for dialling non-programmed phone numbers, a high-contrast LCD display, a vibrator ring tone and speaker phone capabilities. Large rubberised buttons claim to make the phone much more user-friendly.

The HandlePlus 324gsm is available from BioAcoustics for £79.99. The HandleEasy 326gsm is also available now at BioAcoustics and from January at Argos for £99.99.

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