Earphones with Brains – Would you?

Universal Self Aware EarphonesHow do you feel about shoving something in your ear that can think for itself? I’m takling self-aware earphones!

The boffins over at the Japan Science and Technology Agency decided that sentient earpleasers was the way forward.

The Universal Earphones are slightly less creepy sounding when you realise that the plan actually is.

Have you ever shoved the right-side earphone in to your left ear and realised that the music wasn’t quite right?

That will never happen again as one earpiece in this clever set-up packs a proximity sensor; if it’s pointing towards you it plays the left channel, if it’s pointing away it plays the right channel. Smart hey?

It can even work out if you’re sharing your tunes with a friend and play a mono mix to both headphones. Bless ’em.

Check out the video below to see them at work:

Universal Earphones: Earphones with Automatic Side and Shared Use Detection from Kohei Matsumura on Vimeo.

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