earBeans from Allocacoc

earbeansIf you’re one of the many people frustrated by poor-fitting earphones, then earBeans promises you a solution.

Comfortable, unique and enhanced audio makes earBeans sound like they could be the best earphones on the market.

Nowadays, owning a good pair of earphones has become increasingly important.

However, current earphones on the market tend to have a couple of issues. Firstly, they may not fit correctly. Secondly, they might become uncomfortable after wearing them for a while.

earbeans deskAfter thorough research and development, Allocacoc now present their earBeans.


These are uniquely-shaped earphones that promise to provide the best of comfort, size, and convenience.


Crafted from soft silicone material makes these new earpleasers not only light but also extremely comfortable.

Due to its ergonomic bean-like shape, you can wear it for long periods without worrying about ear discomfort.

You can also use them in two ways: horizontally or vertically. Both ways will ensure maximum comfort without compromising the audio quality.


The drivers used in these earphones are described as “medical grade micro-speakers”.

earbean speakerTo me these look and sound like they will be armature drivers, as used in hearing aids, as well as other performance earphones.

These then should deliver great sound with excellent detail.

Award winning

The earphone design has been honored with the A’ Design Award in Digital and Electronic Devices Design category.

earBeans price and availability

earBeans have now bean been launched on Kickstarter.

You can be first to experience the “world’s lightest earphones for best comfort” by pledging. The Super Early Bird pledge kicks off at €20.

The Kickstarter campaign will run for 45 days until June 2017.