EA and 2K Games Join NVIDIA Camp

AMD and NVIDIA are still thrashing out who is the bestest in the video card business.

NVIDIA is making a strong stand with its latest move.

Nope, it isn’t based on more frames per second.  This time NVIDIA are concentrating on getting friends in high places.

EA and 2K Games (creators of Bioshock) have both agreed to use NVIDIA’s PhysX technology to drive their physics engines in upcoming games.

I know what you’re thinking:  “So, what? A couple of big hitters have licensed somebody or others tech. How does that touch me?”

Well, if you’re loving your PC gaming then it might make sense to get some GeForce under the hood if you haven’t already!

Take into account that there’s been some pretty spanky performance incresases and the fact that AMD needed a bit of a tax break recently it would be smart to go the GeForce way.

We all like leaves moving when we brush past them in gaming worlds such as Crysis and physics simulation is becoming a must have feature in games so developers are going to be relying more on hybrid technology like PhysX in order to make sure that their games are running nice and smooooooth.

I think it’s safe to say that both ‘Bioshock 2’ and the ‘Crysis’ follow-up are going to run best on a GeForce-based system.

So. You know what you need 😉