E66 and E71 – Nokia’s New Business Phones In The Flesh

I found myself 29 floors up in the Millbank Tower today thanks to Nokia and WOM World.

They had gathered us all here to talk about the two new phones in their E series.

This range is generally aimed at the more ‘corporate’ and ‘business’ user although Nokia were keen to point out that thanks to modern working a lot of people get to work from home so these new phones will reflect that.

First we were introduced to the E66.

This is a slinky little slider that contains an accelerometer so that it is able to flick from portrait to landscape depending on how it is held.

Then up came the E71.

Looking like the slimmer, sexier cousin to the Blackberry it slinked up and stated that it was the thinnest QWERTY phone out there and bragged about its 10mm waistline unashamedly!

Both of these phones sport a 3.2 mp camera, A-GPS, online sharing via OVI, HSDPA and Nokia’s Intellisync Email.

As I mentioned before; the whole work/life balance is catered for with 2 customisable homepages (one for your work email, etc and the other for your personal stuff) so that you can have your music and vids on one home page and on the other, shortcuts to powerpoint presentations and such.

The E71 has data encryption for both the phone memory and the SD card.

Although the phones have been working out to give them their new sleek looks no battery power has been lost and thanks their new chipset, they’ve managed to double the speed of their CPUs!

Standby time is upto 17 days (GSM) and 10.5 hours talktime (GSM).

They both have QVGA screens (320×240) and have 110 meg memories with provision for upto 8GB on microSD.

Both phones are out in July at around the 350 Euro mark (not including all those lovely taxes).

I have spent the last 6 hours with my E71 and am so far impressed with how easy it is to use and set up (instructions still sealed) and am looking forward to exploring it a little more when totally sober (it is my birthday today you know!!??!!) .