E3 2014 predictions

e3-logoAs we are on the road to E3 I thought it would be a good idea to share my predictions with you. Sony has confirmed it’s press conference will take place on Monday, June 9th where it will announce new and upcoming PS4 titles and I’m sure some Project Morpheus plans also. Here’s my list.

1. Uncharted 4 – This is a no brainer to me. After all the news regarding members of Naughty Dog leaving the project, we really need to see it and rebuild the fans confidence for the game.

2. Project Morpheus – Recently we have seen gameplay demos of the VR headset and at E3 I believe we will see other features Project Morpheus is capable of such as world exploration and social networking.

3. Guerilla Games new IP – Killzone 1,2 and 3 were set in very dark and grey environments but Killzone: Shadow Fall was a very beautiful and vibrant game which tells me that perhaps Guerilla Games were trialling something new for their next project. Guerrilla games recently employed a member of the Fallout:New Vegas team so perhaps a open world RPG is on the cards.

4. God of War 4 – A Teaser trailer to get the old school PlayStation fans excited.

5. inFAMOUS Vita game announced – The PS Vita’s sales are not where Sony wants it to be at the moment even with it’s immense games library, I predict that Sony has spoken to Sucker Punch to make an inFamous game to push it’s popularity.

6. New Quantic Dream title – David Cage, the brilliant mastermind behind the superb Heavy Rain and Beyond:Two Souls showed a tech demo of human head showing true emotions. Quantic Dream have been very quiet since then so you have to believe they’re working on something new showing these features.

So what are your thoughts on what Sony will announce at E3 this year? Please leave your comment below.