E-Volo VC200 electric copter packs 18 rotors and drone looks

e-volo vc200 readyThe next most astonishing and revolutionary helicopter is here. It goes by the name of E-Volo VC200 Electric Helicopter or more lovingly, ‘Volocopter’.

This futuristic cool-looking 2-seater helicopter can touch heights of up to 6500 feet meters and cover distances of up to 100 km.

The E-Volo has certainly come a long way since my last report!

You have probably noticed that it is powered by 18 rotor blades and looks a little bit ungainly, but all of this can be disassembled for transporting the Volocopter to another site.

e-volo vc200 packedAs well as looking fantastic, the E-Volo VC200 has a very special trick up its sleeve.

The Volocopter is equipped with an automated control system which doesn’t require the pilot to really worry about flight conditions.The on-board computers and an array of sensors help control the Volocopter.

Each of the six rotors are individually controlled by 20 different computers, and it features 6 different battery blocks that hold a reserve capacity of 50%, should 2 of the blocks fail, the Volocopter can still make a safe landing.

e-volo vc200 hangerYou can find out more details about the E-volo Volocopter over at E-volo’s website.

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