E-Nup – Get your hands off my gadget!

About to move in with that significant other?  Want to ensure that the media hub that you have lovingly built up doesn’t get pulled apart should the happiness end?  Pixmania.com has come up with an idea to solve the problem of who gets which gadgets when a couple splits up.

The website has created the world’s first downloadable gadget pre-nuptial agreement (PDF) known as the ‘E-Nup’.

The document describes itself as humorous, but divorce lawyer Vanessa Lloyd Platt, of Lloyd Platt & Co, warned that the gadgets issue is a genuine area of concern. (as if we took these things likely!!)

“Together with the house and car, gadgets are the new battleground,” she said. “It makes sense to protect your belongings before you commit or split. Doing so can save heartache and hassle in the long run.”

Platt said that her firm handles 500 divorces a year and that Christmas is the most popular time for separations – she never mentioned that 100% of divorces start with marriage tho ;0,

Research by Pixmania.com suggests that the UK consumer electronics market is worth £11bn a year, and that the average home has 16 gadgets at a total value of more than £1,000. (and the rest!)

“The obvious place to launch the E-Nup was in the UK, as the British spend the most on gadgets, and online gadget spending this Christmas is set to break all records,” he said.

Pixmania.com said the items British couples were most likely to row over included flat-screen TVs, games consoles, MP3 players, digital photo frames and laptops/PCs.

Would you fight for your tech?  Would you fight to get your partners gadgets?  Are they worth fighting over?  What do you reckon?

Pic from Technamyte