Dynaudio Music wireless speakers announced

Family-Music-Light-GrayDynaudio has announced Music – a family of four intelligent wireless speakers.

Dynaudio, the Danish audio company, is renowned for producing top quality speakers for home and studio. Today, they have announced their new Music range.

Music provides one-touch simplicity. It adapts seamlessly, as well as automatically, to any room or position. Moreover, it will also adapt to surrounding noise levels – so music always sounds its best.

It even gives personalised playlists featuring only the music you love with Music Now. All at the touch of a button.

Intelligent playlists

The accompanying free app for iOS and Android uses Dynaudio’s sophisticated Music Now algorithm. This ensures that your musical tastes are learned. Therefore, the automatically generated playlists can be played at the touch of a button on the speaker.

Music 7 Red AngledThe result is no scrolling through endless playlists, only to get bored trying to find something to listen to. This is just like turning on a radio – but the station is guaranteed to play music you want to hear. There is also the added bonus of no annoying DJ, either.

The speaker connects to popular music-streaming services including TIDAL and Spotify.

Each Music speaker has five presets. These can be filled with anything accessible from the app: smart Music Now playlists (from multiple user profiles), internet radio stations, TIDAL albums, artists, Spotify playlists and more.

TIDAL content can be accessed straight from the app, while Spotify can be added to presets from the ‘Now Playing’ screen.


Intelligent DSP?Built-in RoomAdapt technology senses where the speaker has been placed and optimises performance to always deliver the best sound possible. Yup, the speaker will know if it has been sat in the corner of a room, or in the middle of some open space.

You’ll hear the tech working its magic in the clean, accurate bass and midrange. Essential musical details will always be clear too, thanks to NoiseAdapt – even when the room is noisy, and the speaker volume is low.

There’s no need to crank the volume to hear tunes properly when the conversation gets louder, and there’s no need to tweak the tone controls either.

It’s all based on Dynaudio’s expertise in DSP (digital signal processing), gained from researching and developing high-end active speakers, professional studio set-ups and cutting-edge in-car hi-fi systems.

Intelligent features

There are four speakers in the family. All are active with each driver having a dedicated high-performance class-D amplifier specifically tuned to match it.

Naturally, each has slightly different features to help them fit different lifestyles and situations.

Music 7 lifestyleAll the speakers use Dynaudio’s proprietary MSP cone material in their woofers and midrange drivers. This can be seen all across the company’s entire product family, right up to the range-topping Evidence Platinum series.

Their soft-dome tweeters are based on Dynaudio’s high-end speakers.

Furthermore, it’s all been tuned by the same team who work on its money-no-object hi-fi speakers and no-compromise pro studio systems.

Dynaudio Music speaker range

Music 1

Music-1---Red---FrontThis is battery- and mains-powered. It has one 4-inch woofer and a 1-inch soft- dome tweeter. Total power is 80W (each driver has its own 40W amplifier), and its battery lasts up to eight hours.

Music 3

Music-3 Light Grey AngledThe second in the range is also battery- and mains-powered. It has one 5-inch woofer and two 1-inch soft-dome tweeters. Total power is 120W (each driver has its own 40W amplifier), its battery lasts up to eight hours, and the unit comes with a remote control.

Music 5

Music 5 Blue TopThirdly, Music 5 is mains-powered. It has one 5-inh woofer, two 3-inch midrange drivers and two 1-inch soft-dome tweeters.

Music 5 Light Grey BackIt delivers a total of 250W (each driver has its own 50W amplifier), and the unit comes with a remote control.

Music 7

Music 7 Dark Grey FrontFinally, Music 7 is another mains-powered speaker. It has two 5in woofers, two 3in midrange drivers and two 1in soft-dome tweeters.

Music 7 Light Grey BackTotal power is 300W (each driver has its own 50W amplifier), and the unit comes with a remote control.

Further features

All the speakers in the family can stream via Wi-Fi, Spotify Connect, aptX Bluetooth and Apple AirPlay, and can access DLNA devices on home networks.

They all have USB inputs for iOS audio and charging iOS devices, and can accept 3.5mm analogue inputs.

Music 7The Music 5 and Music 7 add digital optical inputs to the mix (both support signals up to 24-bit/96kHz), while the Music 7 also has an HDMI connector with Audio Return Channel to turn it into a soundbar.

Up to six speakers can be connected at a time and arranged into multiroom groups, or controlled individually from the Dynaudio app.

Fit and finish

Each model is available in Light Grey, Dark Grey, Red and Blue cloth finishes, custom-made by the acclaimed Danish textile house Gabriel, and is constructed from honest, high-quality materials Take the one-piece brushed aluminium surround on the Music 5 and Music 7, for example.

Music close up detailIt’s a product built to last – both in terms of style and wear-and-tear.

The front grille cloths on the Music 5 and Music 7 are interchangeable too, so you can change the look as you change your tastes.

Finally, both the Music 5 and Music 7 can also be wall-mounted using a dedicated steel wall-bracket.

Price and availability

  • Music 1 £450
  • Music 3 £575
  • Music 5 £700
  • Music 7 £875

At launch, all Music speakers will come with a free 90-day TIDAL trial, so users can get started straight away.