DxO ONE iPhone camera improved. More outdoorsy

dxo oneCamera manufacturer DxO has just announced major updates to their DxO ONE. If you’re not familiar with it, this is a miniaturized DSLR-quality Camera for iPhone.

The DxO ONE captures pro-quality photos and videos that you can share instantly to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and more.

The company has just let us know that the DxO ONE now has a new Wi-Fi remote control and a new waterproof Outdoor Shell designed to further extend its fields of use.

Wi-Fi Remote Control will be available to all existing users free of charge via a forthcoming 2.0 software update.

DxO’s accessories ecosystem also introduces an ultra-compact Stand and a snap-on Optical Adapter. These shall surely enhance the creative possibilities for the DxO ONE.

Wi-Fi Remote Control

DxO’s new Wi-Fi Remote Control avoids the frustrating Wi-Fi configuration process that plagues most Wi-Fi-equipped cameras.

Thanks to its special Lightning connector, Apple iOS can seamlessly pass its Wi-Fi authentication credentials from the iPhone to the DxO ONE.

overview dxo iphoneThis means that the camera immediately taps into the Wi-Fi network that your iPhone is already logged onto.

When out-and-about the camera can create its own direct Wi-Fi connection to your iPhone.

Outdoor Shell

The Outdoor Shell is extremely rugged and yet quick and easy to attach.

dxo one outdoorshell-brownThe shell can be equipped with either of two waterproof back doors, one of which is splash proof (IP67), perfect for sailing or walks in the rain. The other is fully submersible and immersion proof to depths of 45m (150 ft); A great addition for divers.

dxo outdoor shell lagoonThe design features a dual clamping system that snaps securely into place to protect your DxO ONE from water, dust and shock. You still get access to power switching and multiple capture modes without having to open the shell.

Built to stand up to the elements, the Outdoor Shell is made from durable high end polymers and stainless steel. The shell accepts 30.5mm thread optical add-ons, features a ¼-20 thread for tripod mounting. This means you can even use popular Action Cam fixtures and harnesses.

The case is  available in seven colours: yellow, coral, lime, olive, black, white and lagoon. The waterproof Outdoor Shell is the perfect way to protect and personalize your DxO ONE.

More updates in 2.0

The 2.0 software update also introduces Mobile Smart Lighting, a lighter-weight variant of the famed Smart Lighting feature in DxO OpticsPro. This automatically analyses each scene and applies an intelligent and customisable global tone map.

The overall effect is similar to having added a fill light to the picture. This dramatically enhances the dynamic range of your images.

The automatic 2.0 update also includes significant enhancements to battery management and power consumption. It also brings the on-demand auto- focus mode similar to that of DSLRs.

For you aquatic photogs, there’s also an innovative underwater white balance. This function automatically compensates for the blue cast to achieve a more pleasant rendering in your underwater images.

DxO ONE app

An e-store, accessible right from the DxO ONE app, allows you to easily order any of the new accessories including an ultra-compact Stand.

DxO ONE standThis uses an ingenious combination of clamps to let you balance your camera on almost any surface or mount it to a tripod.

Also accessible via the e-store is a snap-on Optical Adapter that allows standard ND and creative filters, macro lenses, and hoods to be mounted in front of the lens of your DxO ONE camera.

Naturally, you can grab the waterproof Outdoor Shell from there too.

Last year, we revolutionised mobile photography by packing DSLR-quality into a camera design so incredibly small that it could always be available in our pocket,”

So said DxO CEO and founder, Jérôme Ménière. He goes on to say:

And now, thanks to Wi- Fi Remote Control and our new accessories ecosystem, all our users can take the DxO ONE with them absolutely anywhere, without restrictions, and extend their creativity even further.”

Pricing and availability

The DxO ONE camera for iPhone and iPad is available now direct from DxO, Amazon, and elsewhere for £399 / 499 €.

  • Waterproof Outdoor Shell for £49.99 / 59,90 €
  • Ultra- compact Stand for £19.99 / 24,90 €
  • Optical Adapter for £19.99 / 24,90 €
  • Protective quick-draw Zipped Pouch for £15.99 / 19,90 €

The DxO ONE 2.0 iOS app and companion Apple Watch app will be made available as free software updates via the iTunes App Store. This will be available the second half of September. Every DxO ONE user is invited to download DxO.