Dutch National Ballet: Night Fall VR performance

night fall VR balletWant to watch ballet from the comfort of your armchair, but feel that you’ll be missing out from the live experience? Well, the Dutch National Ballet are bringing you virtual reality as well as top-notch ballet.

Today, the Dutch National Ballet is presenting Night Fall, the first Virtual Reality ballet in the world.

Through a VR headset or your smartphone and Google Cardboard similar, you are invited to enter a fascinating world where the boundary between dream and reality seems to vanish.

Through Virtual Reality, you become totally immersed in the story.

Night Fall is inspired by the famous ‘white acts’ from Swan Lake and La Bayadère.
[youtube id=”7VhAUKThR1Y”]
An enchanting experience for ballet-lovers – but also for people who never go to ballet performances.

Première at the UITmarkt

Night Fall, the first Virtual Reality ballet in the world, will premiere on the Amsterdam’s UITmarkt on Saturday 27th of August and can be seen for free during the weekend.

Online on August 28th

On August 28th Night Fall can be seen online on operaballet.nl/vr.

You can watch the VR film on your smartphone, but for the best experience we recommend using Virtual Reality glasses or a smartphone in combination with a Cardboard. This will allow you to truly enter a different world.

I, for one, intend to break out my View-Master to watch the show.

Thanks to Stu for the tip-off!