Duracell myGrid – Hands on With the New Multiple Gadgety Charger

Duracell have come up with a great way of freeing up some plug sockets as well as charging a range of gadgets all in one hit.

Yup, now you can recharge your family’s iPod, iPhone, BlackBerry and Nokia phones all together through one socket – and you don’t even need to plug your phones in or get them out of their protective cases! This is the new Duracell myGrid.

This new charging gadget eliminates the mess of multiple cords by simultaneously charging multiple devices and all you have to do is drop them anywhere on the myGrid – similar to the PowerMat.

Just slip your portable gadget in a Power Sleeve or use a Power Clip and then place up to four bits of tech on the myGrid at a time to charge as fast as they normally would but by using just one outlet.

The Power Sleeve for the iPhone 4 could have fitted a bit better, especially for £28. As you can see in the pics below, the cut-outs for the buttons and headphone socket aren’t exactly perfect – but then it will still offer your phone protection as well as easy charging.

This is a great idea, especially for your office desk – why not go halves with your workmate? When you get in just put your phone or MP3 player on top of the myGrid as you would normally put your phone on your desk but your phone or iPod will be all charged up for the journey home 🙂

The myGrid will play nice with most popular mobiles including Apple, Blackberry, Motorola and Nokia. The myGrid Cell Phone Starter Kit comes with the myGrid plus a Power Clip. Additional Power Clips and Power Sleeves are sold separately.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to test this with the Sony Ericsson Zylo or Elm thanks to SE’s charging point being odd.

The myGrid is really worth checking out 🙂

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