Duracell Instant Charger Available Free at London Coffee Shops

Regular readers of GadgetyNews will be aware that there are people out there that know we need places all over town to jack our gadgets into some power whether it’s cars or laptops and phones.

The more tech we lug around the more places we need to be able to acquire some go-juice.

Duracell Rechargeable has joined the quest to keep us online and accessible by providing free charging “power stations” (reminds me of the band featuring Robert Palmer and members of Duran Duran) at independent coffee shops across London.

If your device is rocking a mini USB port then these coffee shops will supply the Instant Charger.

Not only that; but you can get grab a free coffee by texting Duracell and your postcode to 60066. The text reply will give you the address to the nearest caffeine dealer that’s offering the service.  Show your text to the barrister and get any cup of coffee you want in return.

Free coffee to recharge you whilst you recharge your tech – how good is that? 🙂

I hope to get my mits on one of these to test so look out for the review 😉

Grab a Duracell Instant Power Charger from Amazon.co.uk

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