DubleUP super slim power card review

Dubleup power card


Build quality




Ease of use







  • Small and slim
  • Premium look and feel
  • Does what it promises
  • Great early bird deal
  • Well thought-out design


  • Can't really think of one

dubleup slim powerbankAs you can imagine, being a lover of cutting-edge tech I really get a thrill from getting devices before release. Thanks to DubleUP, I have been given the chance to review their powerbank before it going live on Kickstarter.

I am going to take it as read that everyone here knows what Kickstarter is and what it means to the people who launch campaigns there.

DubleUP is a small Australian tech company who today are launching an incredibly light and portable, credit card sized range of power banks.

Those who back early will receive their awesome power bank within two months guaranteed.

DubleUP design

The company is really pushing its portability and I can testify that its 86 x 54 x 5.5mm size really does make it handy.

This means that it can slip in a spare credit card slot in your purse or wallet or simply be stored in laptop bag or even your pocket.

dubleup powerbank and nexus 6pThe finish has already gained admiring glances when I have been using it in the office. The silver version I have looks really smart. It is also available in black and, of course, gold.

dubleup powerbank charging cable stoweddubleup powerbank charging cable stowedThe back of the unit is creamy colour and this is where you’ll find the charge button and status LEDs. You will also notice the built-in charging cable.

dubleup powerbank backI have the micro USB touting card but there is a Lightning-ended version.

DubleUP performance

I charged the Dubleup and, thanks to the LED power indicator, I knew when I was good to go. This handy feature also means that I know if/when I need to recharge it and so not getting caught out down the road.

dubleup powerbank recharging oppo ha-2The powerbank has a capacity of 1280mAH. That is more than enough juice to give a dead or dying iPhone 7 (1,960 mAH battery capacity) sufficient battery life to get it through the rest of the day.

I love how this card-sized powerbank looks and feels. It must be the first one that my girlfriend has wanted to steal from me.

As an added bonus, the power card has met worldwide safety approvals and is Apple Certified.

DubleUP power card review conclusion

With our smart devices needing more-and-more juice in order to power the bright screens and hungry processors, it’s always good to pack a powerbank. The thing is, not all of us want to be dragging more weight around.

Dubleup powerbank charging portThe Dubleup power card really doesn’t take up any extra room, and its weight is negligible.

I can guarantee that this handy power boost will find a life either in my wallet or, more likely, in my other-half’s handbag.

DubleUP power card price and availability

The Kickstarter campaign has launched today!

[youtube id= “e_keI8If7pc”]

Grab the early Bird Offer – The first 6000 backers will be able to get their DubleUP for just $50 USD (Around £39.94).

Thereafter the price is $59 USD (Around £47.13).

Both of these prices will include shipping.