Dual Screen Laptop for Under £150 – GeChic On-Lap

After working on dual monitors for a number of months going back to single screen life feels a little too snug. Looking at the prices of laptops with twin screens starts getting into the nosebleeds very quickly – but what’s this? The GeChic laptop gives you dual monitors for less than £150.

Nope – I haven’t missed off a zero from the price. The GeChic On-Lap Monitor is a 13.3-inch 1366×768 secondary screen.

Imagine the jealous looks as you whip out your lappy and then flick that neat 865g screen.

If you are doing something that requires that GeChic addition then make sure your puter is plugged in as the On-Lap Monitor slurps its juice via USB. You will, however, be able to shove it everywhere as it comes equipped with DVI and VGA ports.

The On-Lap Monitor is not only free and easy with how gets to plug in it also enjoys sharing what’s on your screen. The GeChic will happily flip around the back so you can share presentations and such – not only that, it can go portrait which is handy for Twitter feeds and the like.

The GeChic On-Lap Monitor will land in the UK from November 21 and is yours for £140.

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