A5 Dual Core Chip will Power iPhone 5 – Official

Enough of the will they wont theys! Any doubts over whether or not the A5 chip will find its way into the iPhone 5 have now been officially quashed.

The details in last nights iOS 4.3 release hides the dual-core shaped surprise. It has now been confirmed both the iPad 2 and the iPhone 5 will use the same S5L8940 processor, better known as the A5.

If you think about it this all follows a very familiar pattern. Apple has released a new iPhone between June and July as far back as those halcyon days in 2007. When the original iPad appeared the iPhone 4 was released a few months later and both packed the same A4 chip, model S5L8930 chip. Everyone will be able to get their paws on an iPad 2 by the end of March which will have the dual-core A5 processor under the hood.

The A5 promises 2X faster processing power and up to 9X faster graphics. Being loaded with the A5 should mean that the iPhone 5 will be able to deliver the same 1080P output as the iPad 2 🙂

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