Dual Core BlackBerry Super Phones Being Planned

Yup, the above statement has been confirmed by none other than RIM Co-CEO Mike Lazaridis.

Lazaridis also said that these ‘super phones’ would be based on dual core processors and the QNX OS currently being used in the BlackBerry PlayBook which should make them pretty swish indeedy.

The only drawback to the next gen crop of bionic berry’s is that these mobiles probably wont be reaching us any time soon.

Hopefully this statement wasn’t a hint as to when to expect the device: “What we’re setting up is for the next 10 years of BlackBerry. We just finished the first 10 years, actually closer to 12 – the first decade of BlackBerry. Now we’re setting up for the next decade of BlackBerry.”

While there are already dual core phones hitting the market (LG Optimus 2X for instance) Lazaridis believes that this kind of technology is best shoved in tablet PCs like the PlayBook. In his reckoning “Battery life, size, weight, thickness, cost” would prove huge hurdles to cross in order to put out a dual coreberry.

Hmmm…… lets hope that the PlayBook’s battery ends up better than the test models out there 😉

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