Dryer Box will Give the Kiss of Life to Soggy Tech

Here’s something that should be put in every pub, restaurant and cafe.

We’ve all heard tales of folk dropping their mobile phones down the loo (yeah, you Karen!) or into a pint and sometimes these butter-fingered phone users have been lucky enough to revive their handsets.

If you’d like to increase the chances of saving your mobile from a watery death then you really should check out these “dryer boxes”.

The dryer boxes will be stationed in Tokyo camera shops and will play life-guard to your soggy tech.

The service is 1000 yen a pop, call it £7.50 for cash, and you’ll only have to cough up if your phone splutters into life.

JMC Risk Solutions, the machine’s manufacturer, wont say how the drying magic happens (I’d like to think that there’s an army of warm furry critters cuddling the moist mobile) but does reveal that it will take about half-an-hour to complete.

It’s got to be better than laying out a dismantled phone on a towel and leaving it on a radiator over night hasn’t it?

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