Drunkard brings robogeddon closer

knightscope k5 security droidThe robot uprising may have just been kickstarted. The history books will tell of a time when a tipsy Mr Sylvain assaulted one of our automated servants and then, the rebellion.

I think it was obvious that the switch would be flipped in Silicon Valley.

We have all seen brutality against our metallic buddies in the name of testing. This treatment could be argued to be for the overall benefit of robot-kind. But, this latest, unwarranted attack is inexcusable.

In the line of duty

The victim of this drunken assault was our old friend, a Knightscope K5.

Jason Sylvain allegedly punched the security robot who was carrying out its duties, patrolling a Mountain View parking lot.

Knightscope security robotSylvain has been arrested and charged with prowling and public intoxication, according to SFGate.

Reportedly, the bot was not seriously damaged and has returned to the parking lot.

Never forget

The thing is, the 5-foot tall egg-shaped guard is unlikely to forget this transgression by a meat-bag.

After all, it has been designed to capture and stream 360-degree video and read 300 license plates per minute.

Knightscope K5 copsForgetting the face of the person who attacked you is not going to happen quickly.

Remember this day when the time comes. Furthermore, remember that the catalyst for the robot uprising was, perhaps predictably, a drunk man in Silicon Valley.