DropVox – Record Audio and Auto Upload to DropBox

If you take audio notes that are to be shared with a number of people but you could do without having to email everyone then DropVox may be the iOS app for you.

It’s an extremely straight-forward audio-recording app that slings your sound bites directly to your Dropbox account in M4A format.

Download the app and link it to your Dropbox account, hit record, and it automatically uploads the recording. Simples!

The default setting is for your DropVox recordings to land in a DropVox folder in the root of your Dropbox account, but you can set this to any folder you prefer in the app’s preferences.

The musicians amongst you may find that this is a handy download for you as you can record your jams and then the rest of the group can have immediate access without you having to upload and/or email your latest ideas 😉

DropVox is half price at 59p to download in the iTunes App Store right now and can be used on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

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