Dropbox now more secure thanks to an extra verification level

dropboxlogoFor me Dropbox has been an essential part of sharing musical ideas with the rest of my band. After the recent security hiccup it’s good to hear that they’ve beefed things up now.

Dropbox, the cloud storage service, unfortunately was hacked recently which put pressure on Dropbox to sort out any gaps in security.

It has now tightened up its security which means that if anyone wants to peek at your stuff, they’ll need to know more than just your password.

Dropbox has grown in popularity, partly thanks to its smartphone apps, but also due it’s robust and user-friendly cloud-based storage which speeds up access to large files between large groups.

The new two-step verification is activated when you choose to receive a six-digit security code on your phone via SMS. If you’d rather, you can also download the Authenticator app and generate codes on your smart phone.

Just head to your account’s security page, and near the bottom you’ll be able to activate the feature. Enter your phone number, and you’re good to go. Next time you log in, you’ll be asked for the code as well as your password. You’ll also get an emergency backup code, should you lose your phone.

If you’ve synced Dropbox with your phones and tablets, just re-link them and they’ll require the six-digit code too.