Drone sweaters – if you are cold so are they

grey drone sweaterI realise people get attached to their tech. We might even give pet-names to our favourite devices. But jumpers for drones?

I have checked the date and we’re still a way off from April 1st so I am assuming this is legit.

You can buy sweaters for your drone. I kid you not, gadgety faithful.

While you might be wrapped up, safe from the elements, what about your drone.

drone red sweaterYour propeller-propped buddy is up there in the sky, where it might be even colder. It might not complain, but you’re still expecting it to perform.

Why not give it a treat, as well as some protection against the wintry weather?

We put cases on our phones and jackets on our dogs, it only stands to reason we should dress-up our drones; doesn’t it?

Drone Sweater process

Drop off your drone and the company will make a sweater that suits your drone’s style. You can even buy someone a gift card.

According to the company:

Remember, drone sweaters are not just a novelty — for many drones, they’re a necessity. So don’t feel embarrassed buying your drone a sweater.”

Like any bespoke tailoring, there is a choice of materials to chose from. Wool is very warm, but the site asks you to keep in mind how regularly this might need to be washed. Also, that it might make your drone uncomfortable and itchy…

There is also a blend of washable wool and cotton or acrylic so you and your drone can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Drone sweaters price

customsweaterDrone Sweaters will make a personlised sweater (or any other item of clothing) for your flying friend.

The clothes do not impede flight or camera equipment. They will, however, keep its body and arms nice and toasty.

drone sweater onA woolly pully like the one above will cost you $189. But, how much do you love your drone?