Dr Meaker jamming with Oppo PM-3 in the studio

dr meaker oppo pm-3Most of you will already be aware of how much I like Oppo headphones but there are more famous people getting their Oppo on.

I love the PM-1 for home listening with my main system and the PM-3 cans are great for when I am out-and-about or plugged in to my computer system.

A few weeks ago Oppo was able to sit down and chat with one of the biggest names in UK dance music, Dr Meaker.

dr meakerThe interview covers the Bristol-based band’s new single, them performing at Glastonbury and, of course, what they think about the Oppo PM-3 headphones.

oppo pm-3 planar magnetic headphonesDr Meaker’s latest single, ‘Good Fight ft. Laurent John’ is released on Friday and you can pre-order on iTunes.

Put on your headphones and have a listen to them on TIDAL after checking out the video below:
[youtube id=”YQcVRfqihQI”]