Douwe Egberts BeMoved – Jump, Prod and Poke Your Way to the Perfect Coffee

DEDouwe Egberts have an odd idea.

When I stride up to the coffee machine wishing to refill my empty mug with another wonderfully caffeinated hit I’m looking to do simply that.

Now, Douwe Egberts thinks that I’m missing out on something.

They wish that we could enjoy a more interactive experience.

Enter the BeMoved which has the unusual goal of raising “human interaction with a coffee machine to a higher level.”

The BeMoved features a huge motion-sensing touchscreen – it will then get you to jump up and down and generally do its bidding before rewarding you with that dark fuel that you were Jonesing for.

More usefully that screen can be employed to finely tune your beverage, as well as to check weather and news reports while you’re away from your workstation.

The BeMoved is still a prototype at the mo and will be being demonstrated at the Dutch Design week in Eindhoven all this week.

Check out the vid below and wonder if this is cruelty or progress – let me know your thoughts.

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