Double Your iPod Classic Storage – Tiny Toshiba HDD

MK3233GSGFancy cramming in 320GB into a tiny place – perhaps a DIY iPod upgrade?

Well, from next month (December) Toshiba will be releasing their new 1.8 inch 5400RPM line of SATA drives in which they have managed to up the space to that magic number.

The first is the MKxx33GSG series of 5400 RPM 320 GB, 250 GB and 160 GB mobile hard drives. The second new series is the low-power MK1235GSL 120 GB “ultraportable” hard drive. Toshiba brags that these new 1.8″ HDDs are substantially tougher than their bulkier cousins.

No; there’s no price available as yet but more info can be gathered at Tosh’s site

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