Don’t miss any Christmas specials with KipstR

kipstrYou know the score. You have most likely over-indulged and could not resist having Christmas pud and some trifle. Now your only plan is to relax in front of the goggle box and watch your favourite show’s Christmas Special or the big movie. This plan is swiftly thwarted by you falling asleep soon after the opening credits. Now there’s a way of not missing a thing due to the post-lunch coma.

KipstR is a 3D-printed wrist-band created by Manchester students Ryan Oliver, 15, and Jonathan Kingsley, 14, in partnership with Virgin Media as part of its Switched on Futures initiative.

This cool bit of wearable tech will actually notice when you’ve nodded off and then the KipstR tells the Virgin Media TiVo box to pause the show you’re watching. Once you’ve stopped ‘resting your eyes’, the KipstR will tell the TiVo box to continue playing the program from where you’ve left off.

The wearable tech features a pulse-oximeter, and a wireless sensor that allows it to talk to a Virgin Media TiVo box.

kipstr inventorsVirgin Media has found that Brits watch four hours of festive TV on Christmas day, but a combination of Turkey (which is a natural sedative) and copious amounts of booze means we’re set to collectively miss up to 51.3 million viewing hours. But at least a great deal of these will be repeats.

The 3D-printed wearable will be ready to come to our festive rescue in time for Christmas when we shall undoubtedly slip into that post-Turkey nap and miss finding out whether Doctor Who saves the world (I reckon he will).

I would, however, recommend that the nominated KipstR wearer is the one with the most stamina else this could lead to arguments when they nod off at a crucial point, leaving the rest of the household in suspense.

Other than that scenario I think that Dicky Branson’s company could end up being the second most blessed Virgin over Christmas.