Döner Robotu – The World’s First Kebabot! Chilli or Garlic Sauce Boss?

Quality and hygiene – not the first two words that jump to mind when talking about kebabs.

But Ahmet Kalyoncu wanted to find the best way to produce tasty, evenly cut Doner meat.

The Cyprus based businessman has taken five years to perfect the world’s first kabab robot – the Döner Robotu!

The very first kebabot made its appearance at Germany’s very first kabab trade fair. It was just meant to be wasn’t it?

The Döner Robotu is able to cut meat 24 hours a day, 365 days a year without sweating all over the place. The accuracy comes from a camera mounted above the cutting blade.

Germans love kebabs amongst all the other meaty things available to them and around 2.5 billion Euros worth of döner kebabs are sold there each year.

The inventor plans to sell the robot to 15,500 kebab businesses all over Germany.

Check out the vid below – if not just for the music 😉

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