Dog-O-Matic is the Coin-Op Laundrette to Clean Your Canine

dog-o-maticI had to check that this was real – I mean, would the Daily Mail lie to me?

Apparently the Dog-o-Matic is real.

The Dog-o-Matic was created by French Inventor Romain Jarry, and it is designed to be used like a coin-op washing machine for mans best friend.

It costs the equivalent of £13 to wash a small dog, £22 for medium size, rising to £31 for the largest customers.

Cats can also be catered for – at the small-dog price – but with more claws!!!

Apparently the machine has been successful in France, so the inventor now intends to bring it to the UK which is renowned for being a nation of dog lovers.

The Dog-O-Matic takes about 30 minutes to fully wash your dog.

The inventor says that dogs don’t mind being in it – let me see if he thinks the same after washing a Staffordshire Bull Terrier…….

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