Does Wii Fit Work?

Wii FitIt has been about 6 years since I stopped coaching Lau Gar and I’m getting to the ‘built for comfort and not speed’ zone – it doesn’t help that I’m soon to be 3 years off of being 40!!

Now that my music career is going fairly well my thoughts have started turning to the idea of getting back to regular exercise and perhaps getting my tone and 6 pack back – I have photographic proof that I did have this and that’s all I have at the moment!

Being a gadget lover the Nintendo Wii’s latest ‘game’, Wii Fit, got me quite excited as it was supposed to be a ‘fun’ way of getting fit and loweing your BMI.

However, ScarlettSusi from Shiny Shiny has done some research and I think that I’m better off back in the gym at the moment.

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