Does iPhone 3.0 Point to 2.1 Hardware Upgrades?

iPhone 4G

After the excitement of the iPhone OS 3.0 announcement there’s a few people taking the improvements as hints of what the next iPhone will be capable of – whether or not it will look like the 4G iPhone concept pic who knows!

So, what could we expect the iPhone 2.1 to be packing?

Let’s have a guess……

The obvious place to start would be a larger memory.

This has been hinted at before, but as 3.0 brings ‘Spotlight’ to the iPhone this strengthens the case. Why else whould you make finding data easier unless you’re storing a lot  onboard?

Another common grumble is the iPhone’s camera. iPhone 2.1 will probably be getting a better one if not a good one.

If you look at all the standard iPhone apps they’ve all been tweaked even if just in a minor way – all them except the Camera app.  Well, that and Weather, Clock and Calculator (but even the latter got a new scientific mode in the last upgrade!).

C’mon – it must be odds on that Apple will give the cam a loving tweak - How about a zoom, flash and autofocus?

Now that the fruity one has finally added MMS support it still wont allow you to send video. Perhaps their waiting for the iPhone itself to be able to record video and then open up that last bit of MMS loveliness?

3.0 will enable stereo bluetooth as well as unlocking the Bluetooth capability of the latest iPod touch.

Now Apple could be releasing some of their own (probably substandard audio) Bluetooth headphones. Let’s just hope that they’re better than the stock ear-buds eh?


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