Does the HTC Mini prove that phones are getting too big? [video]

htc miniAs smartphones continue to grow in to phablets it seems that some people don’t want to be getting out their 5-inch mobile to make a call and would rather carry a secondary device from which to dial and take calls. Well, according to HTC they do anyway.

HTC has announced a new accessory for its range of smartphones… and it’s another phone.

The HTC Mini, which is a phone for your smartphone, is designed to be used when you don’t want to use your oversized 5-inch smartphone, such as the HTC J Butterfly, to make calls.

The HTC Mini connects to your smartphone via NFC and Bluetooth, and it can be used to make and receive calls (just like a phone), and it will be available in China initially.

There are no details as yet on whether the HTC Mini will be available outside of China.

Where it might well be a unique accessory, kinda like a smartwatch or wristphone for your pocket but… hang on…  isn’t that where your mobile phone should live anyhow?

I could see the point of having a phone accessory for your tablet but, when you need a phone for your phone… well, that’s just daft.

Check out the vid below.

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