Do Androids listen to Doze whilst counting electric sheep?

doze appOK, so I’m a Blade Runner fan and couldn’t resist using the Philip K Dick novel title in the heading, but Doze is actually a free app for Android devices that aims to help you unwind and/or drift off to sleep.

Remember those tapes and CDs you could get from hippy and New Age stores that feature whale songs, pan pipes and Tibetan singing bowls? Well, the next time you need to meditate, relax or fall asleep, fire up Doze on your Android phone and let the chilled vibes soothe your mind.

The app bears a minimalistic interface and is completely free, without any ads as that would surely kill the mood.

Doze lets you choose a “sleep timer” if you need one, between three, five and 10 tracks. If you don’t want that, hit play and it will endlessly stream relaxing music — a mixture of sounds from nature (chirping birds, rain) interspersed with a light piano track, chimes, and vocals.

All you need is the free app and an internet connection to get your mellow on.