DIY or Call Someone in?

Another bank holiday – thanks to the Royal Wedding.

There was a time that this meant that men and women around the country would start to do those little jobs that they were unable to find time for during their hectic schedule.

Putting up some extra shelves, putting that loose roof tile right, putting a pond into the garden – those kind of things.

But even on a bank holiday Friday people seem to have more important things to do – and let’s face it, most of you reading this will probably be more at home upgrading a motherboard than putting together a new cupboard.

This is when you need a tradesman and even they need good websites these days!

Using the interwebs to find someone to do those jobs is one thing – but just think of all the wonderful tech that you’d be missing out on – and the chance to wear a utility belt!

You can get anything from a ‘smart screwdriver’ or a digital laser level to a tiny ‘USB-powered inspection camera’!

There has been much talk about the loss of ‘dad skills‘ and, even though I can quite happily build a decent brick wall, hand wallpaper, unblock a sink I know that a few of my slightly younger drinking buddies would think I was trying not to swear if I asked any of them if they’d seen my ‘bleeding key’ 😉

There’s an increasing amount of articles looking to help you with those jobs as well – if you look out for them.

And, after all your hard work – you’d be able to put your feet up and enjoy some home brewed-beer! 😉

Are you a DIY’er or would you rather pay someone to do it?

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