Digital-only version of Xbox One reported

white xbox oneAre discs-defunct? Well, reports from Microsoft are surfacing about a disc-less white version of the Xbox One being currently tested.

The Verge has apparently managed to verify claims made on NeoGaf that the platform holder is testing a $399 digital-only version of the console, although “it’s unclear” if it will actually make it to the stores.

It seems that the disc-less claim has been seconded but the loose-lipped leaker also had a few other claims to make which have yet to get any further validity.

It’s up to you how big a pinch of salt you take the following with:

  • Crackdown 3 due in 2016, with news unlikely to be released this year
  • Halo Anniversary 2 will be 1080p but 60fps support is “iffy” and will include Halo 5 beta access
  • Forza Horizon scheduled for this autumn with “super sexy weather system” and “1080p open-world”
  • Sunset Overdrive and Quantum Break also due this autumn
  • White Xbox One and Titanfall Limited Edition hardware SKUs incoming
  • Gears of War not expected to release until late 2016
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